The Day – Governor to proceed age-based COVID-19 vaccine rollout


Governor Ned Lamont has announced that the state will continue to introduce the COVID-19 vaccine based on age. Other scenarios proved too complex, potentially exacerbating inequalities in vaccine distribution and slowing adoption.

Residents aged 55 to 64 can schedule a vaccination appointment on March 1, followed by those aged 45 to 54 on March 22. these 35 to 44, April 12; and the 16 to 34, May 3rd.

Lamont was expected to announce when key workers and those with underlying health conditions would be eligible to make appointments.

The governor also announced that he is directing the Connecticut Department of Health to set numerical goals and work with vaccine providers to ensure vaccines are given to those living in the communities at greatest risk relative to their population. He will announce these goals and related strategies in the coming days.

In addition to the age-dependent eligibility, employees and teachers of the pre-K-12 school as well as professional child carers can receive the vaccine in March in special clinics that are specially set up for these sectors. Educators and child carers will shortly receive information from their school administrators and employers on when their specialized clinics will be made available.