The Defense Department Offers Many Benefits To Veterans Who Served In The War


The United States has approximately 1.7 million World War II Veterans. This includes those who served in the Navy, Marine Corps, Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Merchant Marine. Many are in their 70s and eighties. Despite the numbers, the number of Filipino veterans of WWII is slowly decreasing. Bill McNutt chairman of State Funeral for World War II Veterans.

The Philippines was a vital base for the Allies in the Pacific during World War II. Many thousands of Filipino soldiers were fighting alongside U.S. troops, risking their lives to defend Corregidor and Bataan. They were involved in many battles and were imprisoned for a long time. The Defense Department is proud to pay tribute to all who participated in the defense of the United States of America and Allied nations during World War II.

During the war, Filipino soldiers received limited benefits. But they did make significant contributions to the Allied victory in the Pacific. Their sacrifices are not forgotten. It is important to honor those who fought, those who served and those who fought back.

They include insurance and retirement benefits, disability compensation and employment. If you are a veteran, or have a friend who is a veteran, you can contact an advocate from the Vets National Advocate to learn more.

In June 1944 In June 1944, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Serviceman’s Readjustment Act into law. This legislation was designed to aid former military personnel with adjusting to civilian life. Among other things, the bill provided funding for housing, counseling services and unemployment insurance, tuition books, and much more.

Many World War II veterans are getting older and may be suffering from complex needs. They may require care for a long time in the community or at home. Some veterans may receive geriatric treatment at their homes, however, many veterans will need to turn to benefits for veterans.

The Veterans Administration offers burial benefits to WWII Veterans. All Americans who are buried in the United States have the right to the full cost of burial. Federal law does not cover burial costs in the Philippines. In the end the Hawaii legislature authorized $50,000 for burial costs for Filipino-American WWII Veterans. In 2016, House Concurrent Resolution No. 23 urged the federal government to amend the law to include costs for the transportation of eligible Filipino-American World War II Veterans to the Philippines.

The Defense Department also remembers World War II veterans who perished in battle or were missing in the course of battle. The men and women who were missing were honored by state funerals. These soldiers included Navy Commander Philip Hart and Lieutenant George McGovern of the Army Air Corps. Marine Corps veteran Hershel Williams was included as well.

World War II Veterans who were injured or radiation exposed are eligible for a variety of VA benefits. These benefits can include pension, disability compensation, insurance and vocational rehabilitation. The COVID-19 survivors are also eligible for VA benefits.

These benefits are also available to those who served during the Vietnam Era as well as the Korean War. A large portion of these benefits are accessible through the Social Security Special Benefits for Qualified WWII Veterans program.