The Fiji Instances » Renewed help for entrepreneurship program


The US Embassy in Suva has extended its support for the implementation of the AWE (Academy for Women Entrepreneurs) program of up to 130 Fijian women entrepreneurs for the second time in a row in 2021.

This was announced yesterday before the embassy signed a grant with the Women Entrepreneurs Business Council and Makoi Women’s Vocational Training Center.

U.S. Embassy Chargé d’Affaires Tony Greubel said WEBC and the Makoi Women’s Vocational Training Center will receive a grant of $ 23,000 ($ 47,000) to re-implement the program in 2021.

“This grant will expand our efforts to build capacity for local business women and support them on their path to success,” he said.

“We are grateful for the support of our implementation partners and know that this initiative will flourish under their care.

“This year, we plan to expand our records to provide women entrepreneurs with a safe place to learn key skills to be successful in their business.”

Mr. Greubel said for the first time that they would have a group in Vanua Levu and work to reach new populations on Viti Levu.

“AWE moderators are selected from a group of female executives to locate focused business principles and guide women entrepreneurs through a combined course in personal and online platforms.

“Today we’re adding some of the incredible women who took part in the first AWE cohort of nearly 100.

“We are really proud of her and her performance,” he said.

WEBC Chair Eseta Nadakuitavuki said the women entrepreneurs who went through the program had a lot of untapped potential. “I think they have great ideas that haven’t been explored yet, and we’re also looking forward to the next funding to actually unlock this untapped market and the ideas they have,” she said.

“We are forever grateful for the support you continuously give us and thank you for believing in us to make this great initiative and the first lot, the over 100 women who went through the program in August, have their own stories and they are great stories. “

Shazna Khan, manager of the Makoi Women’s Vocational Training Center, said they were fortunate enough to be given another chance to facilitate the program and help these women thrive in their lives and businesses.

“Of the 100 women who would graduate March 32, these are graduates, and through this center they have learned a skill in cooking and pastry, sewing, and hydroponics.

“They joined this AWE program as women entrepreneurs, which has helped play an important role in the success of their business. All of these 100 women will graduate in March and will improve not only their lives but also the lives of their families and everyone else’s lives, ”she said.