The Millenary Huangpu, a Starting of Entrepreneurship


SAN FRANCISCO, April 21, 2021 / PRNewswire / – How Foreigners Start Business In China? Where do you start your dreams? China The economy grew 18.3% year over year in the first quarter of 2021. In 2020 she was in the face of the raging pandemic China took the lead in containing the coronavirus and was the only country in the world with positive economic growth. As such, it has attracted a wide variety of domestic and overseas venture capitalists and young people who dream of starting a business. James Condon hopes that through his visit he will be able to share his story with people who also have dreams of their own. The new documentaries, Viewing China from Afar, Season III, produced by People’s Daily Online West USA Inc., gave a glimpse into the lives of a multitude of foreigners in China in 2020.

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This episode tells the motivation of James who wants to start a company there China in the second half of 2020. James visited Huangpu District of Guangzhou learning about the favorable business climate in the hope that his local friends could show him around.

James’ friend, Zuo Zhijun, a “forerunner” who has been working in Huangpu for two years, introduced him to the work and living environment in Huangpu. In 2020, Huangpu secured itself as the first among all economic development zones in China in terms of six main indicators including GDP. The company Zuo works for has grown into an industry leader after over a decade of engagement in Huangpu.

James was told by Zuo that the most attractive thing about Huangpu District is that not only is it a land for entrepreneurship, but it also preserves the ancient culture it once had. What highlights can be expected from integrating history and innovation when historic sites meet the Business Accelerator Park? Zuo took James to the Nanhai God Temple, which has a history of 1,400 years China to tell him the amazing story of the alien deity left behind during the Tang Dynasty. They walked through narrow streets made of centuries-old blue brick, ancient ancestral halls and small bridges, and strolled through ancient villages to experience the history of Huangpu. They also went to the Business Accelerator Park to see the efficiency of flexible vehicle lines that can produce a car in half the time compared to the traditional production method. James experienced the research and development, verification and test production process carried out by global experts using VR technology. Today these represent a dynamic Huangpu.

During a full day trip in Huangpu, James made this decision and said, “The amazing Huangpu is both traditional and modern so I really like it and I think I could settle here.” If you are thinking of starting a business in China, why not follow James’ journey and experience the “past and present” of Huangpu, Guangzhou.

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