The ‘Slay Coach’ Brings Feminine Entrepreneurship Summit To Louisville This Weekend


Jamie King calls herself Slay Coach and brings her entrepreneurial pick-me-up to Louisville. This two-day event offers women entrepreneurs the opportunity to network and find ways to improve their simulation game.

The event pays off as “Entrepreneurs who are ready not only to recover from their losses of the past year, but also to conquer the world. “

The event takes place tonight and tomorrow at The Gillespie in Louisville.

the Peak of the killing claims to be a “transformational experience” for women and bosses of all companies, shapes, sizes and ages. The event offers lectures, workshops and other comprehensive training courses conducted by “experienced experts from various industries”.

Founder King said in the press release, “This is the most powerful and important thing I’ve ever done,” she said. “I can’t wait to share with everyone how they can get further than ever. This is for all of the girls out there who know she is here to create magic with her big, bold dreams and even bigger personality. I promise, wherever you are in your business, you will leave this event smarter, more inspired, and undeniably better equipped to take on bigger things. “

General admission to the event is $ 249. The ticket includes the price for the Slaying ’20s themed after party.

If you want to expand your business contacts and grow your business and have the ability to drop 249 bills, this might be a great event for you.

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King also says this will be Slay’s final summit as the business of life and the challenges of postponing this event have grown a bit much. So this is your chance folks.