The TORQ Trigger Capper TG-1 Is A Great Choice For A Variety Applications

Trigger Capper and Capping Machines

A Trigger Capper can be used for a variety of purposes such as bottle sealing. Trigger caps have been in use for a long time, but have recently received upgrades. They can be used in conjunction with capping machines, inline fillers, or other equipment for capping. Small and medium-sized businesses will love trigger cappers because they provide the same high-quality as larger models, but have lower training requirements.

Trigger Capper and Capping Machines

Its built-in transporter can be fed manually or using an automated dispenser. Once the cap is placed, the trigger will grab it and tighten it using a motor. This automated process tightens the cap according to the pre-set torque. If it is properly used, it can improve efficiency and production.

The Automatic Rotary Trigger Capper has PLC control and is designed to cap different bottles and trigger caps. It works well with pump caps, detergent and shower gel. It can also be used with straw and pump caps. It is able to operate at speeds of between four and eight hundred BpM. The automatic Rotary Trigger Capper is customized to fit specific needs. The large-scale design of the capper allows it to be able to accommodate a wide range of cap styles.

This capper is also compatible with screw-on type closures. It is a servo-motor-driven, PLC-controlled machine that applies torque precisely and precisely. It tightens the cap automatically at 30 cpm and comes with a dual-head capper that can handle up to 50 cpm. A trigger capper is an important device for your capping business. For more information, visit Liquid Packaging Solutions.

A trigger capper uses a motorized carousel to introduce the straw to the neck of the bottle or container. The mechanical cam group controls the amount of torque that is applied to the cap and makes sure that the cap is fitted perfectly. A continuous capping cycle eliminates lost production. The motorized capping heads are equipped with two grip belts that are fed and hold the bottles. The Trigger Capper is a smart investment for small and medium-sized companies.

The Vanguard chuck provides ergonomic benefits to handheld capping machines. The Vanguard chuck does not require an additional liner, which could lead to costly downtime and damaged caps. The capping machine comes with an SECOMA 1139 modem, which allows remote monitoring and diagnostics for your business. You can begin capping your products within 20 minutes of installation. It will boost your productivity and improve your efficiency.