The World Field Workplace Champ Is “Avatar” As soon as Once more


Well, the box office has barely rebuilt, and yet we have some important news. This weekend, the global box office champion of all time will change again. Back in 2009, James Cameron’s Titanic set the record that had been in place for a decade until 2019 when Avengers: Endgame passed it. Well, that’s changing again. Avatar defeats this film, which now grosses Cameron’s film $ 2.8 billion worldwide. The re-release in China was the trick for the film, but it’s very impressive, but it was achieved. Kudos to everyone involved and have fun with the honor. Something tells me Avengers: Endgame is going to come back before it’s all said and done.

Here is part of The Hollywood Reporter’s story:

Sorry Avengers.

James Cameron’s epic blockbuster avatar from 2009 missed Marvel’s superhero extravaganza Avengers: Endgame from 2019 and is once again considered the most successful film of all time at the global box office, not adjusted for inflation.

Avatar’s surprise win is the result of the movie’s re-release in China this weekend, where more than $ 8 million was made on Saturday afternoon alone, according to Disney. That adds up to $ 2.8 billion in total for Avatar versus $ 2.797 billion for Endgame, which was released in 2019.

Commenting on the success, Avatar Producer Jon Landau said: “We are proud to have reached this major milestone, but Jim and I are very excited to have the film back in theaters in these unprecedented times, and we want our Chinese fans thank you for your support. We are working hard on the next Avatar movies and look forward to sharing the sequel to this epic story for years to come. “

In a tweet late Saturday morning, Marvel Studios confirmed the performance. “Congratulations to @JimCameron, @ JonLandau and ALL of Na’vi Nation for reclaiming the box office!” wrote the studio in a tweet. “We love you 3000. @OfficialAvatar.”

The official Avatar account tweeted a photo of a group of fans all wearing face masks along with a message. “Thank you to our fans in China for seeing Avatar on the big screen this weekend! This crown belongs to the Na’vi Nation – it would not have been possible without you. @jonlandau @JimCameron. ”

With Avengers and Avatar art from BossLogic, Avengers: Endgame directors, the Russo Brothers tweeted, “Give the glove back to you … @JimCameron.”

The good news for Disney, which owns Marvel Studios, is now Avatar due to its merger with 20th Century Fox.

Congratulations to Avatar …

(Source: THR)