TSTC alumnus makes use of enterprise administration expertise abilities every day


Ben Barkley / TSTC
| Brownwood Bulletin

The skills Josh Barron learned in the Texas State Technical College’s Business Management Technology program pay off every day.

Barron earned his associate degree in 2016 and is currently a training specialist for the Center for Life Resources in Brownwood. He also helps write scholarships for the company and credits TSTC for its success.

“I lead the training for each department at the Center for Life Resources,” he said. “I am responsible for recording all certifications for these training courses. I am very busy when it comes to documents, policies and procedures for the training department and when it comes to scheduling them all for training. “

Barron began working for the Center for Life Resources on a scholarship. He was initially responsible for helping veterans with supplies and rent. After the scholarship expired, he stayed in his current position with the company.

“I’ve decided that I want to stay because it’s a great company to work for,” he said.

Barron credits the skills he learned at TSTC to help him today. He said his time at TSTC was two great years.

“It was great to learn something new, especially since I was the only member of my family to graduate from college,” he said.

Its skills pay off in different ways.

“I’ve met several people who don’t have the same technical skills that I learned at TSTC,” said Barron. “I support you on many different topics every day.”

It took Barron some time to choose college.

“I wanted to go to college for my family and myself,” he said.

He’s glad he chose TSTC and was happy with how well his time on campus was spent.

“Everyone was very kind, nice, kind and offered to help me,” Barron said, adding that he wanted to help others by being part of the work study program.

When people find out that Barron earned an associate degree, they want to learn more about TSTC and the programs. He quickly points them to TSTC.

“I always lead you to more information,” he said. “The culture and atmosphere at TSTC are great. I think TSTC is the best place to start for anyone looking to continue their education. “

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