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Posted: 6/5/2021 / 9:15 AM CDT
Updated: 06/05/2021 / 09:15 CDT

(Photo courtesy of Texas Tech University)

LUBBOCK, Texas (NEWS RELEASE) – The following is a press release from Texas Tech University:

Texas Tech University’s Innovation Hub in Research Park has partnered with Innosphere Ventures to support the Innovation Hub’s mission to drive economic growth in the state and region through public-private partnerships, and promote entrepreneurship in the community .

Innosphere’s University Partner Program works closely with technology and startup companies and universities in the United States, such as the Innovation Hub, to advance technologies for commercialization, transform startups into successful businesses, and forge connections between investors, business leaders and corporate partners.

“I look forward to working with the Innosphere team to find industry mentors and funding opportunities for Texas Tech spinouts,” said Kimberly Gramm, vice president, innovation and entrepreneurship, Office of Research & Innovation. “This partnership brings together a strong network in Central America, while traditionally new venture startups on the east and west coasts of the country looked for funding and opportunities.”

Founded in 2015, the Innovation Hub supports the development of technology and startup companies that are vital to the local and regional economy. It helps promote and launch innovations through education, research, partnerships, mentoring, and collaboration.

The Innovation Hub offers 12 programs throughout the year to develop science and ideas, create effective technology teams and create successful startups. The programs fall into three categories: Idea Generation, Acceleration, and Commercialization.

“Texas Tech University and the West Texas region are well positioned for technology-based economic development, and Innosphere is proud to be a new addition to this ecosystem as we expand our incubator’s commercialization support outside of Colorado,” said Mike Freeman, Innosphere Ventures CEO. “We are excited to partner with the Innovation Hub to support its mission of advancing innovative technology and to work with its outstanding faculty entrepreneurs and license managers.”

Innosphere has partnerships with technology transfer offices at Colorado State University, the University of Colorado, the Colorado School of Mines, the University of Nebraska, Oklahoma State University, and the University of New Mexico.

About Innosphere Ventures
Innosphere Ventures is a Colorado-based incubator that accelerates the business success of science and technology-based startups and emerging growth companies with an exclusive commercialization program, specialized office and laboratory facilities, and a startup venture capital fund.

Innosphere’s commercialization program connects founders with experienced consultants, corporate partners and investors. The program provides entrepreneurs with valuable skills for accessing capital, acquiring customers, building talented teams, accelerating sales growth, and planning an exit from the company. Innosphere has been supporting startups for 23 years and is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization with a strong mission to create jobs and expand the region’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Learn more at

(Texas Tech University press release)