Wayland Scholar Tops In Emerson Entrepreneurship Expos


Press release from Emerson College:

May 10, 2021

Nineteen undergraduate entrepreneurs from Emerson College recently participated in a virtual entrepreneurship exhibition to win cash prizes to start their ventures. Ashley Blanco from Boston, MA took first place in the competition for her company ARK (Anxiety Relief Kit). Ashley received $ 5,000 to start her company. Wayland’s Olivia Strauss received $ 3,000 for her company Liv Sweetly, a subscription backkit service.

The Emerson Entrepreneurial Experience (E3) is a year-long experiential journey that teaches students how to build and start a new business venture. The program typically culminates each year with a one-day exhibition where the Emerson community, family and friends gather to see how the students present their businesses to a panel of outside judges. This year the event was held as a virtual exhibition.

“This year, our students came up with amazing new business ideas, many of which related to issues arising as a result of the pandemic,” said Lu Ann Reeb, assistant dean and director of Entrepreneurial Studies and Business Studies at Emerson College. “These students have demonstrated their creativity and resilience, developing ideas into viable business ventures ranging from mobile APPS to e-commerce retailers, digital media companies, subscription-based services, a new skateboard company to a food truck “she adds.

First place – $ 5,000

Ashley Blanco, The Anxiety Relief Kit (ARK)

ARK is intended for anxiety sufferers who want to relieve anxiety naturally, quickly, and effectively. The Anxiety Relief Kit is a customizable mental health subscription box that provides natural anxiety relief and appeal to all five senses based on each subscriber’s needs. The kit integrates integrative health, chromotherapy, aromatherapy, sensory and sound therapy.

Second place – $ 3,000

Olivia Strauss, Liv Sweet

Liv Sweetly is the premier subscription backkit service teaching adults how to use baking to improve their stress levels and health. This new and exciting company was founded in 2020 by Olivia Strauss. Liv Sweetly’s goal is to help people find out that baking is a resource that they can use to manage their daily life, reduce personal stress and anxiety, and ultimately address other health issues, Live Sweet.

Third place – $ 2,000

Alannys Milano, our trip

Our Journey is a multicultural online magazine devoted to empowering international college students worldwide. The main goal of our trip is to become the number one media community for global and diverse students to have meaningful conversations around the world. Customers include students and alumni interested in inclusion, diversity, advocacy, pro-social issues, health care for all, racial justice, ending gender discrimination, and economic justice.

Karl Baehr Memorial Grant

Magenta Thomas, Iggy

Igi is a service that prepares tailor-made houseplant arrangements for the prospective plant parents. Through Igi, customers can strengthen small local kindergartens and farms and at the same time connect with nature.

Entrepreneurial Spirit Award

Juanma Suárez Teissonniere, divine

Divino is a mobile app that combines high-end self-care services with people in a geographic area.

This press release was produced by Emerson College. The views expressed here are the author’s own.