What does a roof structure cost

What does a roof structure cost?

Are you looking for a way to increase your living space? An excellent option to make your home more spacious is a roof structure. A roof structure is the building of extra space on the roof of a house. A roof structure makes it possible to quickly expand your home by enlarging your attic or creating a different floor. In this article, you will determine what types of roof structures there are and what the costs are.

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Roof construction: the possibilities and costsWhat does a roof structure cost?

Types of roof construction

The term roof structure can be divided into different forms. There is no standard roof structure. You can choose from an extra floor, dormer window, or ridge increase (relocated or raised ridge). To get a good idea of ​​the differences between roof construction types, we briefly explain the different forms of roof construction.

●    Extra floor

On a flat roof, you can choose to create an extra floor. Building a different foundation can provide your home with much-needed extra space. Even if you have a garage, you can expand the garage with an additional floor.

Roof construction house

With a roof structure, you ensure that the living space of your home is increased. Finally, you can enjoy a comfortable and suitable living space. Not only will the living area of your family be improved, but the value of the home will also increase. Although it costs money, it is a good investment that you see in your home’s value.

Roof construction garage

Do you want extra space for your hobbies or DIY materials, for example? Don’t forget that garages can also be suitable for placing a different floor.

There are two types of flat roof construction: prefabricated flat roof construction or custom flat roof construction.

●    Dormer

Are you completely done with your cramped attic room? Enlarge your attic room by installing a dormer window. Turn your cramped attic into an extra bedroom, study or playroom. Dormer windows are available in various shapes and sizes and can be installed relatively quickly. A dormer window is beautiful in terms of price. Placing a dormer window does not cause a lot of inconveniences. Often only an opening has to be made, and then the dormer window can be mounted quickly.

●    Ridge increase

Unhappy with a low and cramped attic? Don’t worry; a standard dormer window itself may not provide a suitable solution. But a ridge-increasing dormer window does. When a ridge is raised, a roof (or part of it) is presented. The costs of a ridge increase are higher than installing a standard dormer window. There is more work involved in raising a ridge. Mainly because the roof construction has to be partly adapted. There are two types of ridge rises. For example, you can choose between a one-sided ridge elevation or a two-sided ridge elevation.

Unilateral ridge elevation (raised ridge)

As the name implies, one side of the roof is raised with a one-sided ridge increase.

Two-sided ridge increase (shifted ridge)

With a ridge elevation on both sides, the roof is raised on both sides, which means that the entire attic is raised.

A permit is required for a ridge increase. Ridge-increasing dormer windows are available as prefab or made-to-measure.

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The average price of roof construction per type

Now that you know what types of roof structures there are, the next question probably comes to mind: how much does a roof structure cost? That is a question that is not easy to answer. It depends on many factors. For example, the price depends on which shape you choose, the size, the structure’s material, and the finish you desire. To give an idea of ​​the costs, we list several average prices. Purely as an indication to estimate the costs of a roof structure.

Cost of roof construction / extra floor flat roof

Building a roof structure on a flat roof costs approximately between € 14,000 and € 29,000. Creating a floor on the house simply entails costs. Don’t forget that it boosts the value of your home.

Cost dormer

On average, a dormer has a cost of between € 4,500 and € 6,000. Detailed information about the costs of a dormer can be found here.

Costs of ridge increase

A ridge increase has an average price tag of € 6,500 to € 9,500. The price is higher than that of a dormer window because the roof construction has to be adapted.