Wholesome Workplaces Act adjustments because it strikes by Roundhouse


SANTA FE, NM (KRQE) – A controversial proposal to require employers to offer paid sick leave makes some changes as it moves through lawmakers. House Bill 20, known as the Healthy Workplaces Act, would require workers to be on sick leave the longer they are in a company.

Proposals that go through the legislature

Many entrepreneurs have spoken out against the proposal, saying it is an unsustainable burden, especially as they are struggling to survive the pandemic. In a Senate committee hearing on Monday, Representative Christine Chandler presented some changes to address opponents’ concerns.

A provision would allow companies that already offer paid time off but are not specifically on sick leave to use their existing program to qualify. Another would delay the implementation of the law from July this year to July next year.

“There have been concerns that companies are not yet ready to take on the billing responsibilities. So we are ready to work with them on time, ”said Rep. Chandler.

On Monday, the law passed the Senate Health and Public Affairs Committee on partisan lines. It has already passed the House and has another committee to clear before it goes to the full Senate.