Wichita City Youth Entrepreneurship Problem provides younger individuals golden ticket


WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Camp Destination Innovation, NetWork Kansas, and K-State recently hosted the Wichita Urban Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge. Young business people have had the opportunity to compete for money to fund their business goals, and attendees are excited about the opportunity to make their dreams come true.

“This was an incredible opportunity,” said Adelyn Stultz. “It has definitely enabled me to grow and thrive in this area.”

Stultz, a senior at the Independent School, is this year’s winner. She makes her own trendy gold and silver plated jewelry called Adelyn’s Jewels. She said her brand was different because it was more affordable, high quality jewelry and was available across the country.

Stultz has already committed to attend the KU Business School in the fall and is planning to take over the fashion and jewelry world.

Nick Flores, the 2018 Wichita Urban YEC winner, bought his first investment property last year – just two weeks before his 20th birthday. He is on his way to closing his second lot in a few weeks.

Flores works as a leasing agent for Occidental Management – an opportunity he got by participating in YEC. Flores met Gary Oborny during the competition fair. Oborny started looking after Flores and eventually offered him a job at his company.

“We have a really great community of business people [here in Wichita]”Said Flores.” They really want to help you. They really look to your best interests because they want the city to be successful. ”

NetWork Kansas began funding the dreams of young entrepreneurs across the state of Kansas in 2013. Four years ago they teamed up with Camp Destination Innovation for the local challenge and are excited to see youngsters reinvesting in their communities through their business plans.

“I recognize the fact that once we show young people that we are invested in them – their ideas, what they create – we create this continuum of young people who have the tools, the resources and the mindset to be successful To be leaders and entrepreneurs. Atkins said.

Now that someone has invested in Flores, they are using their resources to help the next generation of business leaders. He even used his own money to fund the winner of this year’s competition.

Atkins hopes that the YEC will be a “golden ticket” for the young people of Wichita to turn their ideas into truly sustainable businesses.

“We can have the next White Castle and the next next to Pizza Hut here in Kansas. It’s exciting to see these young people get creative and thrive, ”said Atkins.

Stultz will be participating in the State Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge at K-State on April 27th.