Windermere kids launched to management, entrepreneurship and teamwork


Headquartered in South Cumbria, the Family Business Network has partnered with St Martin and St Mary’s School in Windermere to participate in the Center for Leadership Performance (CfLP) innovative program.

Children in Windermere were introduced to leadership, entrepreneurship and teamwork.

Headquartered in South Cumbria, the Family Business Network has partnered with St. Martin and St. Mary’s School in Windermere to participate in the Center for Leadership Performance (CfLP) innovative program.

Now in its ninth year, the Bright Stars 2021 program has got schools and businesses across the county to work together over a period of eight weeks, beginning May 4th and ending Monday.

The program is designed to provide tremendous benefits to children and communities across the county by introducing teens to leadership, entrepreneurship, and teamwork in a fun and accessible way. Local businesses are now able to connect with young people and have a positive impact on their local communities.

CfLP Managing Director Sarah Glass said: “The Center for Leadership Performance and its partners were determined to continue the program despite the 2021 pandemic with new safeguards to provide the children with valuable and positive experiences.”

Sue Howorth (founder and co-director), together with Rebecca Keen from The Family Business Network, supervised the sixth grade in St. ABLE – Better Lakes for All ”.

Focus on the environment

Their campaign focused on environmental issues and making a difference in their area, which all students were very passionate about.

The class formed ten separate focus groups to work on specific issues related to the environment. To make a difference, the students wrote letters to Westmorland and Lonsdale MP, Tim Farron, who described their campaign and asked for his help in raising awareness and promoting change.

The class welcomed the feedback from Tim Farron, as well as additional responses from other Members of Parliament who had been made aware of their campaign through Mr Farron.

St Martin and St Mary’s School sixth grade teacher Michael Corrie said, “We were very happy to be part of the Bright Stars project this year as it gives children the opportunity to develop a range of valuable life skills and to develop focus on our amazing immediate environment.

“It was refreshing to see how the children are committed to their chosen environmental campaign with so much passion and enthusiasm.

“Hearing the next generation say things like ‘We know we have to make a difference for our future’ is a testament to the hard work they have done and makes us proud as teachers.”

With the help of The Family Business Network, the sixth grade was able to publicize their campaign by participating in a radio interview about the airwaves of the region.

Radio interview

Two students and a teacher from the school were interviewed Tuesday by Nick Hood of Lake District Radio about the campaign. The interview will be broadcast live on Lake District Radio on Monday.

Sue Howorth, Founder of The Family Business Network, said, “It’s a great opportunity for me to give back to the local community. My own daughter goes to school and I believe elementary school is a great age for developing certain skills and confidence that will benefit them later in education and life. “

As part of the Bright Stars program, each school and business partnership competes for funds for their school with prizes in ten categories, including best leadership and teamwork.

This year schools were asked to present their weekly updates and a final presentation via an online portal. The Family Business Network asked video director Sheenah Alcock to help the students produce a film showing each of the ten groups and their work to be submitted to the jury.

To learn more about Bright Stars, visit, email [email protected] or Call 07843 684746 or 01900 824822