Wine Entrepreneurship Grasp Class Supplied On-line in Spring 2021



Mastery of strategic thinking and planning for entrepreneurs and clients of wine companies

Sonoma State logoJanuary 25 – Rohnert Park, CA. – Sonoma State University’s Wine Business Institute’s Wine Entrepreneurship program will be launched online in Spring 2021. The 9-week master class provides participants with the framework for developing or repositioning a vineyard and winery, as well as various models for profitability. While traditionally intended as a program for new entities, the master class also provides the time and guided focus for principals who wish to reconsider and revise their existing plans. The program is led by the experienced strategist and entrepreneur Dr. Anisya Fritz, owner of Lynmar Estate, a family-owned manufacturer of premium Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, has managed and published numerous articles on competitive strategy and international entrepreneurship as the Harvard Business Review in numerous trade magazines. 2021 is the 10th year that Dr. Fritz offers this program in Sonoma State. The application deadline for the Wine Entrepreneurship program is February 11th and classes begin on February 18th. Interested parties can apply here.

“In our new and changing landscape, wine industry leaders are emphasizing the need for ownership and management that see the big picture, be nimble, and quickly adapt to threats and changing consumer preferences. This master class will focus on entrepreneurial thinking and defining strategies, not just for new businesses but also for those leaders who want to rethink their bigger picture of the business they have already built, ”said Dr. Fritz.

“The Wine Entrepreneurship program gave me the time, place, and guidance to create a business plan that helped launch tonic marketing,” said Sara Soergel, Class 2017, director of tonic marketing and executive director of the Rutherford Dust Society. “The program provided a safe place to ask questions and learn from our teachers, classmates and guest speakers from the industry. It gave us a community and network where we could exchange ideas, seek help, and connect with them for resources. “

“The Wine Entrepreneurship program is typically taught in person, so this is a rare opportunity for those further away to take the course online,” said Ray Johnson, executive director of the Wine Business Institute. “Anisya is the owner of Lynmar Estate, a small luxury brand in the Russian river valley, which she has successfully switched from 80 wholesale and 20 direct consumer brands to over 80 DTC. She is a master of strategic thinking. ”

Dr. Anisya Fritz is a co-founder of the Fritz Institute, a non-profit organization that works worldwide to improve the system of humanitarian aid and disaster relief. Previously, Dr. Fritz Associate Professor at Florida International University in Miami and Visiting Professor at the Stockholm School of Economics in Stockholm, Sweden. She received her BA from Loyola College, Maryland, and her MS and Ph.D. at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia.

In addition to the Wine Entrepreneurship program, the Sonoma Executive Wine MBA will also start this spring. The application deadline is February 28th and the program starts in April 2021. The GMAT is not applicable to people with more than eight years of progressive work experience. To learn more and to apply, visit the Executive Wine MBA program website.

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