With New Platform, Comics Entrepreneurs Hope to Increase Native Outlets


Comic book fans can look forward to a different way of shopping on Saturday when a new platform, the comic book shopping experience, appears on Facebook.

The platform will sell comics and other collectibles, create gigs by authors, and hold virtual signatures. At the beginning there will be a virtual conference from Saturday to Monday. From January 19th, four hours a day will be programmed. By the end of the year, the program is to be offered 24 hours a day. The content will be available on YouTube after it is broadcast live.

The founders of the comic shopping experience – Nick Barrucci, director and publisher of Dynamite Entertainment, and Jen King, who owns the Space Cadets Collection Collection comic book store in Oak Ridge North, Texas – want to reach out to fans and “grab attention retailers.” said Barrucci.

Cartoon characters are getting the spotlight in film, television, video games and all kinds of merchandise, Barrucci wrote in an email, but there’s not much focus on comics or local businesses. One tool that the new platform will advertise is a comic shop locator service.

King wrote in an email that the platform “would allow us to elevate each other” whether it supports other retailers or brings new shows into play. “Parts and parts of this idea (such as having a central place to find all of the comic strip news every day) were discussed in the industry and maybe even tried out individually,” she wrote. “But overall, a professionally run entertainment network for comics and collectibles was never fully realized.”