World Entrepreneurship Week St. Lucia 2021: Time to Get Concerned!


IN November 2021, the Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN) officially celebrates the 13th anniversary of Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW), a platform that has helped millions of people unleash ideas that have led them to start and start new businesses to scale. The initiative started in 2008 with a special focus on inspiring young people to make a name for themselves and has quickly grown into a global effort involving entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers, researchers, support organizations and other employees to drive economic growth and Driving innovation in over 180 countries globally.

The Global Entrepreneurship Week takes place for one week in November and this year takes place from Monday, November 8th to Sunday, November 14th. The St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture, the local host organization, joined the Global Entrepreneurship movement in 2011 and will not only be celebrating this year’s celebration, but also celebrating its 10th anniversary.

The Chamber has made a conscious effort to start the preparations for the GEW as early as possible. There were regular partner meetings that were very fruitful and promising. The discussions for the big celebration have contrasted the growing needs of entrepreneurs in this current climate and possible ways to meet those needs. This year’s observation is believed to be ideal for changing the perception of entrepreneurship and its importance within our local culture, especially as we emerge from a pandemic.

The Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of St. Lucia hereby encourages all interested agencies and organizations to become part of the local movement for GEW 2021. Agencies may want to host an event, rename an existing event on your calendar under Global Entrepreneurship Week, support one of the Beacon events, or co-sponsor a partner event. These efforts will help foster entrepreneurship in St. Lucia and create and maintain a viable business ecosystem that is undoubtedly vital to our economy.