‘You guys paid for all this’: Jeff Bezos thanks workers for area journey, will get roasted


Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon and Blue Origin, gets toasted on the internet after thanking Amazon employees and customers for paying for his space trip. Although the statement was made as a joke, lawmakers and social media users didn’t find it funny.

Bezos went on an 11-minute expedition into space on July 20 with his brother Mark Wally Funk, an 82-year-old space enthusiast and an 18-year-old Oliver Daemen.

“I want to thank every Amazon employee and customer for paying for all of this,” said Bezos at a press conference after Blue Origin’s first space trip. Seriously, for every Amazon employee out there and every Amazon customer, thank you very much. It is very much appreciated, “he added.

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This statement drew the ire of lawmakers and netizens alike. Senator Elizabeth Warren said, “Jeff Bezos forgot to thank all the hardworking Americans who actually paid taxes to keep this country going while he and Amazon paid nothing.” Warren mentioned changes to tax laws to crack down on billionaires who don’t pay taxes.

I’m pushing for three changes to our tax laws – a #WealthTax, a Real Corporate Profits Tax, and long-term funding for the IRS to prosecute tax evaders for wealthy individuals – so that billionaires and mega-corporations start paying their fair share.

Add your name to join me: https://t.co/XdCf8UDxwx

– Elizabeth Warren (@ewarren) July 20, 2021

Jeff Bezos’ space flight took 11 minutes

During the pandemic, he got about $ 1.6 million richer every 11 minutes

Meanwhile, Justin Trudeau allowed Amazon to pay $ 0 in taxes

It’s time the ultra-rich pay their fair sharehttps: //t.co/uhILFSSfxw

– Jagmeet Singh (@theJagmeetSingh) July 20, 2021

New York representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) attacked the billionaire, saying Amazon employees paid for his space adventure with lower wages and unacceptable workplace conditions.

Yes, Amazon employees paid for it – with lower wages, union busting, a hectic and inhumane workplace, and delivery drivers with no health insurance during a pandemic.

And Amazon customers pay for it by abusing their market power to harm small businesses. https://t.co/7qMgpe8u0M

– Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@AOC) July 20, 2021

Look, I’m all for space exploration and it must have been an amazing view.

But maybe – and I’m just spitting out here – if Amazon and other companies pay their fair share of the taxes, we could at least lift all children out of poverty – if not into space.



– Adam Schiff (@RepAdamSchiff) July 21, 2021

While Bezos said this funny, internet users were far from amused. This is how internet users reacted to the comments of the founder of Amazon and Blue Origin

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