You Requested, Ali Answered: Tips on how to Pack Gentle?


They asked, Ali replied:
How do you pack light?

Ali Pew

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Is there any trick to packing light for a weekend getaway and maximizing trunk space (and still giving yourself the luxury of options)?


If I know one thing is true, then bringing the entire contents of your closet is never the solution. The less luggage you have to carry with you, the better. For this reason I a) always carry hand luggage and b) I never pack too much. And all thanks to my five-point packing plan that I recently put to the test on a trip to Sun Valley.



It might sound obvious, but the first thing to keep in mind is your itinerary. Summer trips are usually activity-based so think about what you might need based on the agenda. For me it’s a lot of hiking, biking and tennis, plus a few casual evenings in Ketchum.

Off to the beach? Start with some solid suit options. Mountains? Make sure you have functional layers that can compete outdoors, including lunch on the patio. Spa-bound? Bring loungewear to put on after a treatment. If your trip takes you to a city, make sure you have versatile pieces that can hang day and night.

Sonnental barn


Go for a cohesive color scheme

Now that you’ve determined the hero pieces, find out your pallet. Stick to neutral tones – three or four maximum – then add something light to keep things sharp. If you tend to lean on prints, make sure you can mix them with multiple items. I chose denim, creams, and army green and woven it in classic stripes and a bold mustard (this back and forth travel kit will come in handy again later).

G. Label Reynolds Tank Top with Scoop Neck

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Instead of stuffing several bags into one hand luggage, I like to pack multi-purpose bags. The canvas zipper can easily be used as a cosmetic bag and travel bag for the pool. The same goes for my Loewe leather clutch – it’s a great container for cables, earphones and other odds and ends. Plus, it will liven up anything I wear for dinner later (see step two). The only other accessories you need are great sunglasses (I love that they go with my suit) and an all-purpose hat that is great for hiking, sunning, and whatever.

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Laying out looks ahead of time is a great way to streamline. This always feels like a fun mix-and-match game to me – plus, it’s satisfying to see how many options I can throw together by repeating parts.

Pro tip: put outfits together on the bed or floor in advance and snap photos. Selfies work too. Then: edit, edit, edit. This is the time to crush anything you suspect won’t get much action.

  1. Celine baseball cap

  2. Paradise Lost sweatshirt

  3. G. Label Reynolds Tank Top with Scoop Neck

  4. Champion x Nili Lotan sports bra

  5. Champion x Nili Lotan biker shorts

  6. HOKA ONE ONE Kaha Low Gore-Tex hiking shoes

  1. Maria McManus cardigan

  2. G. Label Skyler crew neck

  3. G. Label Geiger jeans with wide legs

  4. Loewe clutch

  5. Loeffler Randall slides

  1. Maria McManus cardigan

  2. G. Label Worker Overall

  3. Loewe clutch

  4. Loeffler Randall slides

  1. Sunglasses in lower case

  2. Matteau swimsuit

  3. G. LABEL Vaught Sweatshorts

  4. Hermès product

  5. Loeffler Randall slides



Make sure you have travel-size products handy – this one-of-a-kind GOOPGENES kit guarantees all the basics are covered. Other go-tos include a multitasking charger and a Mason Pearson brush (this mini version is the absolute best – I take it anywhere).

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