Zach Peterson Is Taking Over the World of Entrepreneurship With A number of Companies Like a Chief


Much has been said about success stories in different business areas, but how many times have we heard from people in the entrepreneurial world, especially youngsters, who have not only recognized their innate abilities but also made the right decisions at the right time as leaders in occur not in one but in several areas? When you speak of such a boy named Zach Peterson, there is more than that that catches your eye. He is a thorough professional who understood what his heart was looking for and has never stopped working since.

Entrepreneurship is in his DNA, believes Zach Peterson as his grandfather was an investor and owner of several companies, just like his father. Everything that seemed different and unique was where the teen wanted to be, and so it was only obvious to him to dive into the wide world of entrepreneurship to advance the family legacy. He grew up in Boise, ID and even had a successful college sports career. Always wanting to be an entrepreneur, he looked for profitable companies in Treasure Valley.

Today he is a successful serial entrepreneur whose latest lucrative company is “Tattooed & Successful” (T&S), an emerging lifestyle brand focused on the apparel and apparel collection and on the way as a podcast. Already considered a premium apparel brand, it exudes Zach Peterson’s pure passion, talent, competitive spirit and athletic spirit.

Why the focus on tattoos? One can ask. Well, Zach Peterson believes that tattoos are the direct representation of both his present and past personality, which also reflects the meaning behind his whole being. Tattooed & Successful was created to portray the same idea through his clothing line. It’s about making people realize that they are much more than stereotypes or cultural stigmatization. As a result, T&S has even evolved into a movement that has reminded people that they are more than all of these negativities or falls in life.

Through his modern ideas, concepts and designs for his brand, Zach Peterson through T&S created a movement to recognize talented individuals who are “tattooed and successful”. He has made it his mission to empower the tattooed people and to help them on their personal and professional journeys. He also owns Black Label Investment Co, a small real estate, small finance and business development investment company.

There are many other un-established companies of his that he is currently working on. Given Zach Peterson’s immense talent and entrepreneurial skills, we won’t be surprised if he soon hits the top of the entrepreneurial game with his numerous innovative companies. Don’t forget to follow him on Instagram @zachjpete and visit for more information about his life and business.

Published on January 28, 2021

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